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Moorgate Penis Fillers BBC Documentary: The Aftermath

BBC documentary

So, if you tuned into the Victoria Derbyshire show at around 9:15am yesterday morning, you may have seen a documentary involving us and how Hyaluronic Acid penis fillers can have a massive impact on a man’s life and body confidence. This exclusive BBC documentary shows the medical process that doctors go through during the enlargement process, and how it effects each patient.

And now in the aftermath of the BBC documentary releasing, we will now respond to some people’s most pressing comments for what penis filler does for a man.

“I really hope no men think penis fillers are a good idea. They could lose their penis. Is that really worth it?”

Here at Moorgate, we have excellent safety records and our penis filler surgery is performed by qualified medical practitioners. We have given many men the confidence in their own body that they have been wanting. The only way that it could go wrong is through men deciding to use DIY solutions at home, rather than coming in to our surgery.

“Its up to the individual but they shouldn’t expect NHS to mop up the mess if any cosmetic procedure goes wrong.”

We completely agree with this statement. However, if the procedure is carried out by professionals and proper clinics then the NHS shouldn’t have to any mopping up. So, once again if men decide to use DIY solutions at home, then this could be the conclusion.

“Most men who want penis fillers should be sent for psychological support.”

When a man wants a penis filler, this does not mean that he is mentally unstable. In fact, the main purpose of a penis filler is to improve a man’s body confidence, as well as improve his and his partner’s sexual relationship. In conclusion, if a breast enlargement is seen as normal behaviour then a penis enlargement should also be held to the same standard.

So, those were a few of the most pressing comments that have come out of our documentary.

If you want to find out more, then make sure to check out our documentary here.


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