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Penis enlargement medicine

penis enlargement medicine

At Moorgate we are often asked whether there is a penis enlargement medicine?

‘Is there a magic medicine that I can take to increase the size of my penis?’

Well, if you google penis enlargement medicine you would be forgiven for thinking that there is. There are now thousands of products out there that claim to thicken the penis. Some are indeed penis enlargement medicine, some are penis enlargement pills and some are penis enlargement devices.

There is no scientific proof that any penis enlargement medicine works at all. Similarly, there is no scientific evidence that any penis enlargement pill works. However, that does not stop the sale of perhaps millions of pills and potions all claiming to enlarge the penis.

At Moorgate Andrology we do see a lot of men who have already tried penis enlargement pills or potions. Many have spent several hundred pounds of their hard earned income on penis enlargement pills only to find that their penis is exactly the same size.

Of course, if you could take a pill to enlarge your penis why then would anyone have penis enlargement surgery or penis enlargement injections?

Why would anyone put themselves through the inconvenience of having an operation or an injection, not to mention the cost of these procedures?

The answer perhaps is that on the whole, people have faith in modern medicine and scientific principles. Men are able to make an informed choice after meeting with Surgeons and Doctors and discovering for themselves what is out there in terms of treatment.

Naturally, at the core of everything is your safety. Some penis enlargement pills may be unsafe. How can you possibly know which are safe to take and which are not?

Many penis enlargement medicines are sold overseas with little information about the product or what to do if there is a problem after taking them. If you do experience a complication then your first port of call is probably going to be the NHS. However, without knowing exactly what you have taken, it can be very difficult for medical staff to diagnose the problem and treat it effectively.

If you do decide to take the plunge and buy penis enlargement pills, always check that you have an information leaflet with them and this should detail exactly what is contained in the product. If you have this then the NHS can at least understand what you have taken exactly and take appropriate action.

Make sure that you know before you take anything at all. If you are taking other medication then this may react adversely with the penis enlargement pills.

You may not feel like  going to the Doctor to talk about penis enlargement pills but if you are taking medication then you should seek professional medical advice before  taking anything else, however “safe“ the company who are selling these pills tell you they are. 

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