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penis enlargement injections
Are you being sized up on the beach this summer?

Is it an old wives tale, or is there some truth in it? You must have heard of this old chestnut. Some say that if you have big feet then it means you must have a big penis. I am not sure about that. There is no doubt though that if you are heading for …

penis enlargement
Do you want a porn star penis?

Porn is everywhere and it’s free (some of the time). Most guys on porn have a large penis. Why is that? Is it that at the interview the first thing they ask you is “drop your trousers and don’t speak”. Many guys who come to clinics for penis enlargement cite guys on porn as a …

penis enlargement injections
Why do guys convert to penis enlargement fat transfer from penis enlargement injections

Penis enlargement injections have become very popular since Moorgate introduced them to the UK as few years ago. Yet, penis enlargement fat transfer still continues to be the gold standard treatment that most men plump for, and many men convert to after having the injections. Lets take a look at the reasons why. Penis enlargement …

penis enlargement
Beware of penis enlargement surgery abroad

The temptation to have penis enlargement outside the UK is attractive to some. This is almost always because of a cheap price. The same can be said for virtually all cosmetic surgery abroad. It should be said at this stage that there are some very good penis enlargement surgeons working outside of the UK, we …

penis size
My man is obsessed with his penis

My husband loves his penis. He thinks that I should also be making positive comments about it at as much as possible, and he gets grumpy if I don’t.  I have even caught him admiring it in the mirror. He has asked me on more than one occasion if it’s big enough for me. This …

penis size
Has your wife had bigger than you?

One of the most burning, unanswered questions any man can have is: has my wife had bigger than me? All men worry at some point about their penis size. When we walk around clothed it’s not easy to compare your penis against the next guy. You could go quickly online and within seconds you can …

penile implant
A penile implant, will she notice?

The burning question that every guy wants to know is will she notice if I have a penile implant? Now, this is a question usually asked by guys who are single. If you are married or with a partner then the chances are you have had many discussions with them already about your penile implant. …

penile implant
Could a penile implant save your marriage?

The realisation that you can no longer get an erection is devastating. For years you have always had a great sex life, erections at will. You have woken in the morning to the inevitable “morning glory” … and now, its gone. Of course, this rips the heart out of your sex life. Hopefully, you have …

Average Penis Size By Country – Infographic

We’ll bet that nearly every man has, at some point, questioned how they measure up. Here at Moorgate Andrology, men come to us in their droves, self-conscious about the size of their penis and whether it is normal in comparison to others. The important thing to note about penis size though, is that neither length …

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