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More penis girth, every man knows why

penis increase in girth

It’s funny that lots of men think a longer penis is what every women wants, that is until someone tells them that they are wrong.

Ask most women, if not virtually all, and if they are prepared to tell you the truth, they will tell you that it’s the girth of the penis that matters most in sex, not the length.

Yes, you need some length, lets start with that. According to the experts though, we don’t need the proverbial six inches in length to satisfy a woman. This is because the sensitivity is within the lower third of the vagina. If your penis is too long, that’s just as bad as being very short. A penis that is too long can be painful for a woman and that’s not going to be the basis of an ongoing enjoyable sexual relationship.

Moorgate Andrology see lots of men whose wives and partners have had children, sometimes more than one, naturally. Childbirth has caused the slackening of the vaginal walls resulting in less feeling during sexual intercourse.

Men come to Moorgate to seek penis girth surgery or penis thickening injections to try and improve their future sex lives. A thick penis is able to stretch the vaginal walls giving the woman more pleasure.

Over 90 % of all patients at Moorgate Andrology will have thickening of the penis, very few just have lengthening surgery on its own.

The great thing about increasing penis girth is that the extra girth is visible when the penis is flaccid and erect. This is an enormous confidence boost for any guy. When the penis is bigger flaccid, there is plenty to show off at the gym and it’s great to know that you are packing an extra punch at the swimming pool or on the beach in the summer.

In the bedroom of course, you have the extra girth when it matters most, on erection.

Treatments such as penis enlargement injections and penis girth surgery can thicken the penis by up to 2.5 inches. This is a massive increase in girth and if your penis is looking a bit thin, it will be noticeable both to you and your partner – both in front of a mirror and during sex.

At the end of the day, increase the girth of your penis for your own self confidence, but never underestimate the difference it can make for your partner too. 


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