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Moorgate in The Sun

penis size

The Sun on Sunday were in touch with our team at Moorgate Andrology to find out more about our national survey on penis size.

In this survey, we wanted to find out just what women really want when it comes to their partner’s penis.

Our results were fascinating, so much so that The Sun took an exclusive story and published our findings.

The clever title of “Good willy huntin” caught their imagination and they published the key numbers of the survey.

Our survey showed that women want bigger, and in many cases wanted bigger than their current partner’s penis size.

36% of women wanted a penis that was 8.5 inches or bigger in length and 40% wanted a penis with a girth of 5 inches or more. With only one in ten women being satisfied with a length of less than 6.5 inches.

Proving the experts right that women must have a penis with good girth, the results came in with only 4% of women wanting a girth under 4 inches.

Moorgate Andrology are continuing their research into penis size so watch this space for more data in the near future.

Dr Greta Peciulyte, spokesperson for Moorgate Andrology, confirmed that demand is growing for penis enlargement as more men look to improve their image.

Dr Greta is part of a Urology team at Moorgate Andrology which includes Urology and Andrology Specialists from all over Europe. They perform penis enlargement surgery to lengthen and thicken the penis together with other male genital enhancing procedures such as scrotal reduction, pubic lifts, Frenuloplasty and circumcision.

The Sun article has gone someway to showcasing what is possible for men who want to increase the size of their penis. It is no longer a taboo subject and Moorgate predict that in ten years people will talk about penis enlargement surgery in the same way that they talk about breast enlargement surgery today; it will become a lifestyle choice if it is not already.

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