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I am so pleased with the results

I would just like to say thank you again for your help and professionalism with regards to Monday’s consultation with DR James and the subsequent procedure.
You both made me feel at ease from the moment I walked through into the consultation room until I left some 45 minutes after. I can honestly say I have felt more pain having a dental filling than having the 12 ML of volluma in my penis.
Over the last five years I have worked so hard in the gym and on my diet 5-6 days per week and transformed my body from 36 waist 40 chest to 31 waist and 46 chest but no matter how much I work out my penis just didn’t look as impressive as the rest of me. But believe me it really does now. I have a flaccid girth increase its wide, its heavy, it hangs and I’m a very happy man.
I am so pleased with the results, I have attached photos from the morning after and again this morning day 3). As you suggested I left well alone for the first 24 hours then for the last two days I have massaged with bio oil with my thumb and forefinger in an O type jelquing technique gently but firmly for 20 odd strokes to smooth out the filler and help increase blood flow to help disperse the small amount of bruising.
Thanks again, Adrian (April 3rd -London)

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