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How To Regain Confidence In The Bedroom

bedroom confidence

A modern man has to deal with ostentatiously sexual content all the time. Pictures of handsome, athletic, half-naked men are shown in mainstream magazines and street billboards in every city. Easy access to porn where every woman seems pleased by her partner in every sexual position can put even more insecurity into a man’s head when he is entering the bedroom with his lady. Sex is not taboo anymore. Men feel pressure to have sex with only the most beautiful partners, and also to be confident, high-performance lovers every time. But what if you are just a regular guy that sometimes feels shy in the bedroom? Read how to regain bedroom confidence now.


#1: Stop Overthinking

The bedroom is definitely not a place to overthink things. Women hate when a guy is overly logical, too controlling, and overly analytical. In bed, you should get in touch with your inner animal and follow your instincts. Forget about your fears and just do what you want. Don’t think “Should I kiss her there or somewhere else?” Don’t ask too many questions. If you want to do something exciting in bed, do it and observe your partner’s reaction. Don’t be afraid of rejection. If she doesn’t want to try something, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want sex.


#2: Treat Sex As A Regular Activity

You are not alone. A lot of guys, especially younger ones, get anxious when it comes to sex. They think they need to start acting differently, forgetting that sex is a normal activity that all people do like eating, laughing, or sleeping. Do not make a big deal out of it. It’s all about having fun and spending time with your partner. Comfortably progress from one step to the next, while acting like yourself. Act like everything is normal. Instead of seeing sex as the centre of your universe, make it one of your goals. Make it a natural part of your relationship.


#3: Play With Her

During sex, going slower is usually better than too much, too fast. Delay gratification and build sexual tension to make her want you more and more. Tease her. You are more likely to turn her on this way. Stop for a while, lean back, and just relax. She will probably get even more turned on than she already is. Make her ask you for sex. Stay cool and collected and you will make her crazy about you. 

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