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How to Pull Your Foreskin Back Without Pain

retract foreskin

The foreskin covers and protects the sensitive head of an uncircumcised penis, and most teens and adults find it easy and painless to retract foreskin. However, if trying to pull your foreskin back causes severe pain or bleeding, if there is redness or swelling beneath it, and especially if it gets stuck in a retracted position, call your doctor right away. Otherwise, there are foreskin loosening techniques you can use to address this problem. In any case, you should always keep your foreskin clean.



  • Pull back your foreskin slowly and gently. In most cases, it’s easy to use your fingers to slide your foreskin back and expose the head of your penis. If, however, you have a tighter than average foreskin, slide the foreskin back more slowly and deliberately to reduce pain and the chance of injury.

    – If you feel pain, stop trying to pull back your foreskin. You could cause a painful tear in the sensitive skin. Move on to trying methods to loosen the foreskin.

    – A tight foreskin is known as phimosis. It is common for a child’s uncircumcised penis to have this condition, but it typically goes away during adolescence. It can be an issue for adults as well, though.
  • Retract your foreskin during a shower or bath. The warm water and moist air will help to soften and loosen the foreskin. Work slowly and carefully with your fingers to guide the foreskin back onto the shaft of your penis.

    – As a teen or adult, you should clean beneath your foreskin every time you bathe anyway. Pull the foreskin back, use a mild soap and lots of water to gently clean the area, rinse thoroughly, and guide the foreskin back into position.
  • Pull a tight foreskin back incrementally over days or weeks. If you cannot retract your foreskin fully without pain because it is too tight, try slowly stretching it out. On the first day, gently pull the foreskin back until you feel discomfort. The next day, gently pull it slightly further back, and keep doing so once or twice per day for up to several weeks.

    – Over time, this process will typically stretch out the foreskin and make it easier and more comfortable to pull back.
  • Try more intensive foreskin stretching exercises if needed. If the incremental approach is not helping enough, try a more dedicated stretching program. If the ring at the tip of your foreskin is tight, use your fingers to gently stretch it wider for 20-30 seconds at a time. If other areas of your foreskin are tight, you can similarly use your hands to gently stretch those areas.

    – Do the exercises for 3-5 minutes, up to 3 times per day. It could take several weeks to a year or more to get noticeable results.

    – You might also consider using a “flesh tunnel,” which is a silicone ring you place under the top ring of your foreskin for a few hours at a time each day. The device will help to incrementally stretch the foreskin.

    – Stop the exercises if you experience pain, redness, or bleeding. Talk to your doctor for guidance.


Consult your doctor for guidance on a painfully tight foreskin. If stretching exercises don’t help you retract your foreskin without pain, or if you deal with recurring redness, swelling, or discharge, talk to your doctor. They will present you with appropriate medical treatment options.

– They may prescribe a topical steroid cream for you to apply daily. Topical steroids help to stretch the foreskin.

– If you have an infection because of a tight foreskin, you might be prescribed an antifungal cream or antibiotics.

– In some cases, circumcision – the surgical removal of the foreskin – might be recommended as the best option. For adults, this is typically a quick procedure done under local anesthesia, with a healing time of one to two weeks.


If a circumcision is something you are considering get in touch with Moorgate Andrology on 0330 024 4858.

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