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How do Penis Injections Work?

Penis Injections

Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, refers to the inability to have an erection. Some men may experience temporary erectile dysfunction, while for others it is a long-term problem. If you have erectile dysfunction and want to know how penile injections work, talk to your doctor about treatment options. One method of treating erectile dysfunction is the use of penile injections. A penile injection will deliver a dose of medication directly to your penis via a needle. Talk to your doctor about the potential benefits and drawbacks, including side effects such as tissue scarring, of each available medication for penile injections.

What is a Penile Injection?

Penile injections typically produce an erection within five to ten minutes. The erections can typically last about 30 to 60 minutes. However, this is dependant upon a number of factors, including general health, sexual stimuli, and whether the injection was properly administered.

Administering a penile injection properly is also critical for safety reasons. Using the medication in strict accordance with your doctor’s instructions will help prevent medical complications like an infection and scarring of the tissues.

How to do a Penile Injection

After you have chosen an appropriate injection site, draw the correct dosage of medication into the syringe. Penile injections are also available in pre-filled syringes. Once the syringe is ready, remove the cap and place it on a sterile surface, such as piece of sterile gauze.

Swab the area with alcohol as directed by your doctor. This helps prevent infection. You may find that standing for the injection helps the medication to work faster because it allows for better blood circulation. However, if you feel more comfortable sitting down, by all means go ahead and do so.

Hold your penis along one leg while injecting. Some men may find that they need to pull the whole penis. Position the needle at a 45-degree angle and gently press the needle through the skin and inject the medication. Then withdraw the needle.

Get in contact with us for more information about the penile injections for impotence that we offer.

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