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How do I identify if I have Peyronie’s Disease?

peyronie's disease

Peyronie’s disease is a condition in the penis that often occurs in older men as a side effect of age. It was first discovered by a French surgeon, Francois Peyronie, over 200 years ago and affects millions of men usually beginning in their 50’s. The plaque forms from a lifetime of small injuries or tears in the penis which builds up as the injuries heal by forming exaggerated plaques.

This scarred tissue, or, Peyronie’s Plaque, forms in the wall of the penis tissue that surrounds the corpus cavernosum. The end result is noticeable  penis scarring and will require medical attention to resolve. It is extremely rare for Peyronie’s Disease to resolve itself without medical assistance. However, it is for the most part not dangerous.


There are five signs you can look for to identify if you have developed Peyronie’s Disease:

  • Check your penis for noticeable penis scarring,  bending or curvature during erections. Your penis should always be relatively straight during periods of erection and while most men curve to one side or another, any changes may indicate you have Peyronie’s Disease.
  • Your penis may have suddenly reduced in length or width. Peyronie’s Disease has been known to cause structural changes to your penis and the scar tissue may cause your erect penis length or girth to reduce as a result of this.
  • Are you experiencing Erectile Dysfunction? If you are suddenly having weaker erection periods and struggling to maintain the penis in its erect state during sex, it could be a symptom of Peyronie’s Disease or another illness which causes strain on the erectile mechanism, thereby causing Erectile Dysfunction.  You should get this checked out as soon as possible by a qualified professional.
  • Your penis may suddenly have a lump or a change in texture from before. This could feel hard or granular, it is best to seek medical help for a change like this as soon as possible.
  • Are you experiencing a painful stretching or an uncomfortable sensation when entering a period of erection? If so, you should seek urgent medical advice before it develops into a more dangerous situation. While this could be a symptom of Peyronie’s Disease, it is best to get checked out immediately.

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