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How can guys last longer during sex?


For most men, sex or sexual difficulties aren’t exactly fun topics of conversation among friends. But the fact is, early ejaculation is something that affects most men from time to time. So, we have looked at some of the best methods for prolonging sex and outlined which ones work and don’t work.

Method #1: The Stop-Start Method

The idea is to pump a few times, then stop. Then pump a few more times, then stop. You don’t want to use this in the middle of intercourse, mainly because you don’t want to make your partner feel like they’re having sex with an alarm clock. So instead, use this in the final moments of sexual intercourse, not the entire experience.

Method #2: The Distraction Method

Biting your tongue, thinking of something absolutely horrifying etc. etc. Distracting yourself when you feel like you’re about to climax is one way to delay an orgasm, and the best part is no one will ever know you’re doing it. The downside is that you will take yourself out of the moment, mentally – and being present during sex is far more enjoyable.

Method #3: Avoiding Foreplay

You know how in the movies, everyone just rips off their clothes and starts going for it? He thrusts, she gasps, and at the end of the day its all just a tangle of limbs and unrealistic orgasms. Well, welcome back to the real world. For both men and women, the body needs to be fully aroused.

Method #4: Slower Sex

Slow things down to start with – it will build tension and allow you to last longer. But slowing down sex when it’s starting to reach a crescendo is not so sexy. So make sure you are picking up the physical cues during sex. If your partner is enjoying the cruising speed, then continue. But if they are verging on climax, don’t hold back.

Method #5: Less Penetrative Sex

One of the greatest sex myths is that it needs to be penetrative. On the contrary, non-penetrative sex can be some of the most satisfying stuff. But this must be reciprocated with your partner.

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