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Gold, Frankincense and Girth

Gold, Frankincense and girth

Every man wants a bigger penis between his legs, especially to satisfy his partner this festive season. But is a penis girth surgery the right choice for you? Well, in short. Yes, yes, it is, and here is why.

So, if you are happy with your length, Moorgate can provide surgery to increase your penis girth. With our penis girth surgery, we can increase the thickness of your penis in both the flaccid and erect state. And there are a few reasons that most men would want a penis girth surgery.

Why choose surgery?

  • Your partner has had children and cannot feel the penis as much due to slackened muscles after childbirth,
  • You feel your penis is too small in the erect or flaccid state or both,
  • Your penis size is stopping you moving forward with sexual relationships,
  • You are reluctant to play sort or attend the gym because you don’t feel you “measure up” compared to your friends.

So, the main cause for having penis girth surgery is all down to body confidence, so if you want to find out why you should want a strong spruce tree between your legs. Read on.

Simply put body confidence is paramount for people who want a penis girth surgery as previously mentioned the last thing that a man wants is to feel that their penis is too small for their partner, so what is the best way to regain the lost confidence? Simple, through a penis girth surgery, whilst it only adds around 6cm max of girth to the penis, it will feel like a massive difference for your partner, and in turn yourself due to the simple fact that your partner will be getting a lot more pleasure from it than they were doing previously. So, in conclusion, if you are wanting to impress your partner in the bedroom this Christmas, make sure to add a penis girth surgery to your list now.

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