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Foods that Hurt Male Fertility

male fertility

The incidence of male infertility is increasing at an alarming rate. Now genetics cannot be blamed for everything. Unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking are to blame but little do people know that food can also be blamed here. So, if you thought that your diet has nothing to do with your fertility, you are mistaken.

Processed Meats

Meat is love, but keeping your love for meat aside, it is important to consider the kind of meat you choose for yourself. Organic meat is fine, but the processed variety is not something that we would recommend. This is because eating processed meats can actually compromise your sperm quality. Processed meat in hamburgers, bacon, hot dogs, salami and bologna can lower your sperm quality by 23% as compared to those who consume lesser quantities. Processed meats are harmful because they have hormonal residues which can potentially harm the reproductive system.

Full Fat Dairy Products

Full fat dairy such as milk and cheese can harm sperm motility. Drinking full fat milk regularly can be the reason why you have a limited sperm count. Only two servings of full fat dairy in young men could do this harm.

Sugar Filled Drinks

If you love sugary drinks like sodas, energy drinks and carbonated drinks, you must read this one. A study shows that increased consumption of sugary and carbonated drinks, more than one serving in a day, is linked to decreased sperm motility. Too much sugar can increase insulin resistance causing oxidative stress. As a result, sperm motility goes down.

High Fat Junk Foods

Some junk foods, high in fats and sugar, are harmful to your digestive system, heart and fertility. Eating such foods limits the growth of your sperms. These also include illicit drugs and steroids. So in an effort to have a stronger outer build, you end up damaging your fertility.


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