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Five penis facts you probably didn’t know

penis facts

The penis has long been the very definition of masculinity since ancient times when men would compare lengths to dispute how manly they were and it was a matter of great pride among lords and kings, or great embarrassment.

This trend has continued into the modern day. It is considered taboo still to discuss penis size and girth openly. However, many men still suffer from anxiety and self-consciousness about their penis size.  Here are five facts about your penis that you might not know but may find interesting.


Stress is bad for your penis.

Psychological stress can have the same effect as a cold shower on your penis, resulting in limpness and difficulty gaining erections.

Smoking could shorten your penis.

That’s right. Studies in the last few years suggest that smoking is closely linked to erectile dysfunction and penis shrinkage.  Erections are maintained with good blood flow, and smoking calcifies blood vessels which stifle erectile circulation, and the result is a shorter penis. It could also damage your sperm, resulting in less fertility!

Your penis can temporarily shrink.

When there is cold weather or if you have been swimming for extended periods of time, your penis can shrink up to two inches or more temporarily due to the cold or water causing your penis to retract.  Don’t panic though; it’s only temporary.

Your penis has its own mind.

Men might joke about this now and then how the penis seems to have a mind of its own, but they are technically not wrong. This is because the penis answers to the autonomic nervous system, which also regulates heart rate and blood pressure meaning it is not always under your conscious control.

You can break your penis.

While the penis does not have a bone structure, it is possible to break your penis and cause significant injury to yourself. It is called a penile fracture, and while rare, it is excruciating. Penile fractures cause your penis to turn black and blue; you will certainly know when it happens due to the audible pop or snap. Penile fracture is most commonly caused when a man thrusts too hard during intercourse, or a woman is moving wildly while on top of a man.


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