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Everything you need to know about penis growth

penis growth

Many men want to grow their penis, or add a bit more down there. But they don’t ask the questions they want the answers to. We have created answers to these questions for you. 

Is penis growth possible?

Men who worry about their penis often want to make their penis bigger in some way. Of course, there are ways to do this. Some have scientific evidence such as penis enlargement surgery, penis enlargement injections and penis pumps and extenders. However, if you search the internet there are also many lotions and potions that claim to increase penis size. Just how many of these are creditable is open to question.

How can you achieve penis growth?

Penis enlargement surgery aims to lengthen the penis by cutting a suspensory ligament which releases “hidden length”. A fat transfer procedure compliments the increase in length by making the penis thicker. Penis enlargement injections work by temporarily increasing the thickness of the penis with products such as Hyaluronic acid. Other methods include penis extenders which stretch the penis and increase cell growth.

Can you get penis growth from surgery?

With creditable information difficult to find online, it’s hardly surprising that lots of men can’t believe you can get penis growth from surgery. Many have never heard of penis enlargement surgery and certainly don’t know anyone what has had the surgery done. This is perhaps because men on the whole are not prepared to admit that they have had a penis enlargement. Things are changing though and attitudes to self-improvement are softening all of the time; penis enlargement may well be as commonplace in the next few years.

Is penis growth possible with injections ?

Not everyone wants surgery to enlarge the penis.  Penis enlargement surgery still remains the most popular choice but penis enlargement injections are gaining in popularity. Dermal skin fillers, usually reserved for the face, have been shown to work well in the penis. These are generally deep tissue dermal skin fillers which plump up tissue. They work instantly and have less downtime than surgery. They are typically favoured by men who are on the move a lot and cannot afford time off work or the cost of the surgical option itself.

 How much penis growth is possible?

Most Urologists agree that they can increase the flaccid length of the penis by up to two inches. They do this by cutting the suspensory ligament which releases some hidden length. The girth of the penis, considered to be most important to women, can be increased by up to 2.5 inches when the penis is both flaccid and erect. Penis enlargement injections can thicken the penis by up to 2 inches but this is dependant on the amount of filler used.


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