Does VolXtra cost more than standard filler?

VolXtra Does VolXtra cost more than standard filler?

VolXtra is the newest hyaluronic acid penis filler that we have available here at Moorgate Andrology. As it’s a new product, many men may think that it’s more expensive than the original hyaluronic acid filler VolumeX but this is not necessarily the case. Read on to find out if this is true.


In addition to VolumeX, a penis girth enlargement injection that we’ve been using for some years now, the newest treatment available for increasing penis girth is the VolXtra injections. Like VolumeX, VolXtra is another hyaluronic acid treatment but it lasts longer. It can last up to two years. 


Is it a longer procedure than VolumeX?

VolXtra is injected into the penis using the same method as VolumeX and takes no longer than an hour. Again, it is a walk-in, walk-out procedure, so you can go home straight after. There isn’t much downtime required for this procedure, however, you will need to avoid sex for four weeks to allow time for the filler to settle. You should also avoid heavy lifting for a similar amount of time so you don’t strain yourself.

How much does VolXtra cost?

At our clinic, VolXtra costs only £19 per ml more than VolumeX. So when you think that the treatment is going to give you at least another six months or one-year duration in comparison to VolumeX, then it feels much better value for money.


Is VolXtra different from VolumeX?

VolXra is very similar to VolumeX as they are both made from Hyaluronic acid. This filler does, however, create more volume to the penis, hence the name. As well as this, these penis girth enlargement injections also allow for easier injection. This allows the Urologist to massage the filler in the penis and mould it into shape after it’s been injected.

To find out more about VolXtra, especially if you’re having hyaluronic acid injections already and they’re not lasting perhaps a year or so, then give us a call on 0330 808 1968. We can arrange a consultation for you with one of our Urologists and we can take things from there. 

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