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Does penis size really matter?

penis size

I know a lot of women do say ‘Oh size doesn’t matter. It’s more about how you use it than what you have.’ I can’t answer for women as a whole, but I can answer for myself and size isn’t the determining factor of the quality of sex. However, with that said, the question following a passionate one nighter isn’t ‘how long did he last, or how skilled the guy was in oral sex,’ but rather how well-endowed he was.

Now the whole big hands, big feet thing is a total lie. He doesn’t need a foot-long, four inch penis, but it’s got to be something substantial. I’ve personally never come across one that was too short or too long, but I have met one that was too skinny. I was 20 at the time so this wasn’t an issue of me being ‘old’ or ‘loose’ as some would say. It just meant we had to come up with crazy positions and thrusts to try and hit the ‘hot spots’. In honesty, it was tiring. Sex with an average guy means SOME work has to be put it for it to be mind blowing and larger guys just tend to hit the good spots without having to try. In my opinion girth is important, length, less so.

If you have more it takes less effort and stamina to please a woman, you can do less yet still find the steamy night satisfying. Creating pleasure for both parties. Opposed to what a woman might tell her partner, size does matter to some extent. Knowing that, even someone with the confidence level as high a kite can’t help but wonder which version of the story will be told to her friends.


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