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Does my diet increase chances of Gynaecomastia?


Food plays a great role in the state of your health and improvement of certain health conditions, and Gynaecomastia is no exception. While what you eat does not directly cause feminisation of breasts, there are certain foods that can affect the balance between your hormones. 

By learning to identify foods that can boost your testosterone levels, while avoiding those that can increase female sex hormones, you can potentially reduce the appearance of gynaecomastia. In summary, there are four main pointers to remember when attempting to reverse gynaecomastia through your diet:


  • Consume foods that boost testosterone production
  • Stay away from those that increase oestrogen or mimic oestrogen
  • Eat foods that give energy while reducing body and chest fat
  • Avoid foods that promote obesity or excess fat, which increase the size 


Add These Healthy Foods to Your Meals

Your body needs several nutrients to produce testosterone. Zinc and magnesium are two primary examples. Zinc is essential for producing testosterone, while magnesium may help improve sex hormone levels. Hence, it’s a good idea to consume foods that are rich in these nutrients. Here are seven other foods that can naturally boost your testosterone levels: 


Extra Virgin Olive Oil: One research found that participants who consumed olive oil every day had a 17-19% increase in testosterone levels over a three week period. Remember that this oil is best used unheated, such as drizzled over salads. 


Pomegranate: Used medicinally for centuries, this red fruit offers high levels of iron, antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E. Drinking one glass of the juice per day can boost testosterone levels by 16-30%, and may also increase libido.


However, it is best to consume the whole fruit instead of pomegranate juice, so that you not only get added fibre but will avoid consuming excessive amounts of fructose.


Oysters: These have been well known for boosting libido, mainly because they are abundant in zinc. You may also experience increased sperm count.

If changing your diet isn’t something you’re interested in, then why not give us a call on 0330 808 1968 and book a consultation to come and see a Urologist.

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