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Do Penis Pumps Have Side Effects?

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As we all know, erectile dysfunction is common amongst men. In order to achieve a proper erection, many say you should make use of a penis pump. This is a device which apparently helps you get a fully-fledged erection in order for you and your partner to be satisfied in the bedroom. However, there are a few side effects you should be wary of when using penis pumps. And today we are going to inform you of these warnings.

Side Effects of a Penis Pump

Penis pumps have side effects. For example, it does provide you with some discomfort at times, and if it is used in the wrong way, it can cause some abrasion and bruising. At times, there is numbness and there is no sense of feeling around the penis which is very much uncomfortable. There is possible pain if the device is not used properly or if it is over used. A cold sensation is also felt if the penis pump is used for a long period of time.

Inserting the Penis into the Pump and its Side Effects

The penis is inserted into the cylinder so that the pump can cause blood to flow into the penis to be able to improve your erection. By doing so, the tissue is stretched making the penis look a lot larger in size. However, if this is done for too long, the penis is damaged to some extent and it may result in swelling. There are times that a few red spots will become visible around the penis. These are broken blood cells which are caused by using the device. However, these are only minor side effects and these can be prevented through proper use of the device.

Side Effects of Medication as Compared to a Penis Pump

It is known that the side effects of medication are generally much greater than the penis pump. When using the penis pump, however, the time it’s used should be minimised. Also, the pump must use low pressure and a pace that is not difficult for the body. Once an erection is lost, stop using it and give your body some time to rest.

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