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Developments in penis enlargement in the UK

penis enlargement

There have been a number of penis enlargement developments at Moorgate and in the UK generally.

Over the past two years we have improved the procedure even further both in terms of penile lengthening and thickening surgery.

For the penis enlargement surgery, we now take advantage of a much smaller incision. Previously the incision was a so called “Y plasty”. It is called a Y plasty because it looks like an upside down letter Y.

Now a small transverse incision is used right at the base of the pubis, where the penis meets the body. This is much better because it is much smaller. The Urologists carefully place this incision in the natural skin creases so it is highly undetectable, compared to the Y plasty incision.

The transverse incision is preferable because if you get a nocturnal erection there is less risk of the wound opening slightly, compared to the Y Plasty.

Great strides have been made in penis thickening surgery. We are now transferring twice the amount of fat than before, up to 120ml in fact. This is helping us to achieve girth increases of up to 2.5 inches both in the flaccid and erect states.

We are also using a new fat purification system called “Lipivage”. Our Urologists are very excited about this new system as it prepares the fat extremely well prior to injection into the penis. Fat that is well prepared beforehand is less likely to die in the transfer process.

Penis enlargement surgery in the UK has become very popular, with Urologists now able to offer credible and impressive results to both penis lengthening and penis thickening.

The UK is now at the forefront of penis enlargement in Europe with leading Urologists now providing professional services, mostly in London.

However, Moorgate receives patients from all over Europe and sometimes beyond. They know that penis enlargement in the UK is really popular, with some very famous centres for penis enlargement in the capital.

Non-surgical penis enlargement in the UK is also gaining in popularity. The new kid on the block is a bio collagen stimulator. Moorgate is the first penis enlargement clinic to offer the filler for penis thickening in the UK. Moorgate was also the first company in the UK to bring Hyaluronic acid injections for penis thickening.

Collagen-stimulating fillers have different formulations which can last up to four years. Moorgate have started with one and two year options with a view to introducing the three and four-year options later on in the year.

It’s an exciting time for penis enlargement in the UK and Moorgate will continue to push the boundaries of development to improve procedures and techniques as much as possible.


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