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penis enlargement surgery
What To Do When Preparing For Penis Enlargement Surgery

If you have booked a date to have your penis enlargement surgery then you will need to know what to do to prepare for the procedure. Continue reading to find out.   The surgeon will discuss preoperative preparations with you and will also give you a set of instructions to take away with you which …

Why Girth is Better than Length

Let’s face it, for decades and decades, this question has haunted every man’s mind, and that is, does she like girth or length? In either of the two, the end result is a deeply satisfied and happy woman. But again, why and what does a woman prefer? Another question to wonder about is whether or …

reignites mens confidence | Moorgate Andrology
Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Worth It?

One of the most common concerns men have about their bodies is the size of their penis. Research indicates that overall 65% of men say they wish they could be a different size. Almost all of these men want to be larger, with less than 2% wishing they were smaller. Why is this the case? …

penis enlargement surgery
How Long To Wait to Have Sex After Surgery

Now one of the most pressing questions we are asked here at Moorgate after the patient has had penis enlargement surgery, is “how soon can I have sex after surgery?”. Well, in this blog we will answer just that. First we will start off with exactly what you will need to do after your surgery, …

penis surgery
How to get the most out of your penis surgery

Does penis lengthening have to be repeated? When the penis is lengthened the suspensory ligament is cut. As part of the surgery the surgeon inserts a silicone buffer to help prevent the ligament reattaching to the pubic bone. If the ligament was to reattach then the procedure would have to be repeated. However, if a …

Do you know what Penoplasty is?

What is Penoplasty? Penoplasty is a term used to describe enlargement of the penis by a surgical procedure. This surgical procedure can increase either the length of the penis or the penis girth, in many cases men choose to enlarge both the length of the penis and the girth at the same time. Of all …

penis enlargement surgery
Penis Enlargement Surgery: The Big Questions

How does penis enlargement surgery make penises bigger? Penis enlargement surgery can increase both the length and thickness of a penis. It is made longer by cutting the suspension ligament which frees up hidden length and makes the penis hang lower. The thickness is improved in a fat transfer procedure with fat taken usually from …

Does penis enlargement surgery improve erect length?

The question of flaccid and erect length of the penis is something that pops up every time penis enlargement surgery is mentioned. Men have penis lengthening surgery for different reasons and this is the key to the whole procedure. Most men who have lengthening surgery are concerned about their penis length when it is flaccid. …

penis enlargement
Do you want a porn star penis?

Porn is everywhere and it’s free (some of the time). Most guys on porn have a large penis. Why is that? Is it that at the interview the first thing they ask you is “drop your trousers and don’t speak”. Many guys who come to clinics for penis enlargement cite guys on porn as a …

penis enlargement
Beware of penis enlargement surgery abroad

The temptation to have penis enlargement outside the UK is attractive to some. This is almost always because of a cheap price. The same can be said for virtually all cosmetic surgery abroad. It should be said at this stage that there are some very good penis enlargement surgeons working outside of the UK, we …

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