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Category: Penis Enlargement Injections

Why are PRP and HA injections done together?

A lot of guys that come to Moorgate want the maximum benefit possible from their non-surgical treatments. With hyaluronic acid injections, it’s obviously about increasing the penis girth. You get an increase in the flaccid and erect state of the penis but this can be combined with the platelet-rich plasma treatment.    What does PRP …

Does VolXtra cost more than standard filler?

VolXtra is the newest hyaluronic acid penis filler that we have available here at Moorgate Andrology. As it’s a new product, many men may think that it’s more expensive than the original hyaluronic acid filler VolumeX but this is not necessarily the case. Read on to find out if this is true.   In addition …

VolXtra injections
VolXtra injections: What to expect

Have you heard of the new hyaluronic acid injection we’re offering to thicken the penis? This is called VolXtra; the great thing about VolXtra is that it lasts a lot longer than most other penis enlargement injections.   How long do the results last? The results that VolXtra show, after the first treatment, last around …

Lymphangiosclerosis | Moorgate Andrology
Do VolXtra injections offer permanent thickness?

There are many penis enlargement methods on the market which can make it difficult for men to decide which one is right for them. If you are unsure of which to choose, we think you should try our VolXtra penis enlargement injections. What is VolXtra? VolXtra is the newest type of penis girth injection, made …

How to increase the girth of my penis?

A recent study by the University of Kentucky found that 40% of the 14,000 men who took part in a study, wanted a thicker and longer dick. It is a universal truth that men across all regions have one thing in common, they want to be well endowed. The obsession is such that many men …

Can I Use a Penis Pump after Girth Injections?

As we all know, penis girth surgery is a great way to improve your own body confidence. In fact, most men who come to Moorgate Andrology choose to have penis girth surgery as opposed to penis lengthening surgery. This is because, as most women say, girth matters more than length. But can you use a …

Juvederm Voluma
What is Juvederm Voluma?

Juvederm Voluma is the newest HA (Hyaluronic acid) soft tissues filler to gain FDA approval. It has been available in Europe since 2005 and is used in 72 countries worldwide. Juvederm Voluma is the newest filler in the family of Juvederm products and is formulated with lidocaine for added comfort during treatment. This current form, …

penis enlargement injection
How to Look After your Penis Enlargement Injections

One of the main questions we are asked by patients after their injection is how to look after their penis enlargement injection for the first couple of weeks post procedure. Let’s discuss what you need to do now in our latest blog. Avoid Intercourse for up to 4 weeks This is one of the most …

penile injection
What are the Different Penis Girth Injections?

In our latest blog, we will be talking you through the different options that you can have if you desire to have a penis girth injection. Principally, there are three ways we are able to do this depending on the results you want. We offer VolumeX, VolXtra and PerfectX.  Hyaluronic Acid Injection The Hyaluronic acid …

penis enlargement injections
Penis Enlargement Injections: Frequent questions

Are penis enlargement injections safe?  Although all injectable treatments carry risk, penis enlargement injections are considered low risk. It is important that the injections are administered by a trained healthcare professional, usually a Doctor with experience in Urology. Having a trained healthcare professional carrying out the treatment minimises risks. The Doctor will want to assess …

penis enlargement injections
You need to know these things about penis enlargement injections

How do penis enlargement injections work? Penis enlargement injections are performed using dermal fillers that are usually injected into the face; products such as Hyaluronic acid and collagen stimulators. In most cases between 10 and 15ml is injected in the first treatment to achieve girth increases of 2 to 5cm (depending on the length of …

penis enlargement injections
Penis enlargement injections overtake Hyaluronic acid

Only four months ago we predicted that collagen stimulating fillers would outperform Hyaluronic acid injections for the penis, and it’s happened even quicker than we thought. Our clinics now are packed with guys who are coming mostly for the filler. This particular product lasts between 12 and 18 months before a top-up is required. Basically, …

Don’t have sex too soon after penis fillers

In this blog, we will be explaining the impact penis fillers has on your body and how long you should give it before you can have sex. Dermal skin fillers or penis fillers have become incredibly popular as a way to thicken the penis. New treatments such as collagen stimulators are really making guys think …

penis enlargement
Do you want a porn star penis?

Porn is everywhere and it’s free (some of the time). Most guys on porn have a large penis. Why is that? Is it that at the interview the first thing they ask you is “drop your trousers and don’t speak”. Many guys who come to clinics for penis enlargement cite guys on porn as a …

penis enlargement injections
Why do guys convert to penis enlargement fat transfer from penis enlargement injections

Penis enlargement injections have become very popular since Moorgate introduced them to the UK as few years ago. Yet, penis enlargement fat transfer still continues to be the gold standard treatment that most men plump for, and many men convert to after having the injections. Lets take a look at the reasons why. Penis enlargement …

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