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adult circumcision
Adult Circumcision Affects Sexual Performance

Adult circumcision affects a guy’s sexual performance – but not in a bad way, according to a new study. Circumcised men take longer to reach ejaculation, which can be viewed as “an advantage, rather than a complication,” according to a study conducted a few years ago. What is Circumcision? Circumcision – the surgical removal of …

Frenuloplasty: How to prepare

There will be some steps you need to follow in order to prepare for a frenuloplasty. Read more to find out more. Pubic Hair There is no need to completely shave your pubic hair, but it is desirable to trim it fairly short. This aids asepsis during the operation and prevents hairs from becoming painfully …

tight foreskin
Ways to Loosen a Tight Foreskin

A tight foreskin should always be treated under the care of a qualified medical professional. The medical term for a foreskin that cannot be pulled back is phimosis. The medical term for foreskin that has been pulled back but then cannot be replaced is paraphimosis. Young boys are born with physiologic phimosis. Their foreskin stays …

What can I do if my foreskin feels tight?

A tight foreskin is no joke. It can be a painful and debilitating condition. The medical term for a tight foreskin is “Phimosis”. Men have tightness of the foreskin to varying degrees. At its worst it can be so painful to retract the foreskin that sex is almost impossible. It can also make cleaning the …

I have had a circumcision, I am sure my penis is shorter!

We see lots of guys at Moorgate who have had a circumcision surgery as an adult. They have had a circumcision for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they are suffering from a condition called phimosis. This is where it is difficult to retract the foreskin. This condition can be quite painful. It can make sexual …

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