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Can a penis ever be attractive?

penis appearance

Lots of men hate their penis appearance. They think it looks ugly and won’t attract a mate at all.

This is usually based either on size or shape.

When it comes to the size of the penis, evidence suggests that size really does matter. This evidence goes back centuries when men did everything they could to display their big appendages.

If you ask women if they would prefer a large or a small penis, how many would really answer truthfully that they prefer a small one?

There is such a thing as too large of course. A really large penis can be very painful for women during sexual intercourse and therefore they would be seen as unattractive by default.

A tiny penis is seen mostly as unattractive.

Then we have to consider shape. Not all penises are perfectly straight. In fact most have a slight bend to one side or the other. If,  however the penis has a distinct bend, up or down, left or right, it can look very unattractive., or even odd.

Unfortunately, conditions such as peyronies disease are all too common and many men worry about their penis appearance when they have this problem. It causes a highly noticeable and unnatural looking bend when the penis is erect. In fact in some cases it can be so bad that the man cannot penetrate his partner. In many cases  even if he can penetrate his partner the sex for both can be very painful. Obviously, this again is a big turn off in terms of attractiveness of the penis.

Then of course we have the various lumps, bumps and scars that men can pick up along the way. Thankfully most of these problems are fixable, sometimes with surgery.

We cannot have a discussion about penis appearance and attractiveness without mentioning  the great debate of circumcision. This is a subject that really does divide opinion.

There are some women who will only consider a circumcised penis and find the prospect of one with foreskin very unattractive indeed.

As far as men are concerned some have regretted having a circumcision because they have felt that after surgery the penis looks shorter and therefore it is unattractive to women because of a reduced size.

At the end of the day perhaps beauty really is in the eye of the beholder and providing that your partner really wants to be with you, maybe just maybe, she will find your penis attractive no matter what its imperfections are. 

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