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Can a Penis be too big?

penis be too big

Is there such a thing as having sex with a penis that is too big? Sure, movies, magazines, magnum condom commercials and plenty of people will say that “bigger is better”, but is it really? Well, lets find out if a penis can actually be too big.

Sure, there are plenty of pros to having a big penis. For one, even though most women need clitoral stimulation to climax during intercourse, our culture often says you are better at sex if you have a big penis – whether you are or not. Plus, certain sex positions with a big penis may feel better for all involved.

But, does it really matter about how big you are downstairs? Well, apparently not. Most women seem to be only mildly interested in the size of your manhood if at all. So, unless you are on the extremes of either side of the size chart, I wouldn’t be too concerned about what women think of your penis.

However, what if you are what is classed as too big? Well, here are a few different options on what you can do in this situation to ensure both yourself and your partner have an enjoyable experience between the sheets.


Do you want to ensure that your partner isn’t getting a painful experience from sexual intercourse with you? Then make sure you lube up, ensuring that you can penetrate your partner without hurting your partner is important. This is because it will ensure that you can both have a satisfying sexual experience, rather than having to stop halfway through due to sexual intercourse.

Change Positions

If you are planning on partaking in some horizontal tango with your partner then consider which sexual position will work the best for both you and your partner. If you are well endowed, often the positions which allow the woman to be in more control of the action such as being on top are less painful.

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