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Benefits of HA filler

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Have you ever heard of Hyaluronic Acid? If not, you need to, the award-winning brand that we use in our clinics has been delivering high quality and natural looking results since its approval by the FDA in 2004. The injectable implant, made of purified and processed HA sourced from Streptococcus bacteria, does not provoke any strong rejection from the body. From the wide range of HA products, HA XC has found to be the most promising in achieving patient’s expectations and satisfaction in penis enhancement.


Furthermore, HA XC is a stable, cohesive colourless HA gel that is manufactured using Allergan’s innovative Vycross technology. The gel is injected subcutaneously with a small needle using the fan technique as a restraint from a high number of punctures. The solution easily fixes to the glans penis and conforms to surrounding soft tissues. The latest version of this dermal filler is supplicated with a local anaesthetic, lidocaine, to help ease pain during these procedures.


When you use the HA injection you will see a 20% increase in circumference size. The results will not be permanent but do tend to last a lot longer than any other cheaper “budget fillers”. Alongside the fact that it can help to increase girth size, HA can also address premature ejaculation by increasing the patient’s ejaculatory latency and vibratory time up to 75% more than the baseline.


After you have had a full physical assessment, the physician will advise the ideal concentration that works for the patient. The cost is calculated by syringe and will vary based on the number of syringes required to achieve the desired result.

So, now you know a little bit more about both what HA can do for you as well as the benefits of using the penis filler in general. So, if you are interested in using the best UK penis filler available get in touch today.

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