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Are men worried about their penis size?


Many men are concerned about their penis size. Whether it’s too big or too small, it brings a constant debate of what size is right and what size women actually want. 


Why are men so concerned?

Men may feel that their penis size is a symbol of masculinity and pride. For example, if a man has a larger penis, he may feel more of a man. Whereas a man with a smaller penis may feel shy and less confident. This is something that is seen in all cultures, a big penis is a sign of masculinity and known to help boost their confidence. The size of the male penis is often the topic of lighthearted jokes, which again can have an impact on a man’s confidence. This is a big issue in today’s society. 



If a man’s penis is smaller, he will feel his masculinity is greatly affected. For the majority of men, it’s much more humiliating to have a small penis compared to being bald, looking old or not being tall. 


A woman’s perspective

What size do women want? Research says that approximately 90% of women prefer a wider penis to a longer one. This is due to several reasons, one being that there are more nerve endings at the entry of the vagina so more girth can feel better for the women. The vagina can be shorter than the length of an enlarged penis, so women can feel more stimulation with a wider penis instead of a longer one. 


In one particular survey, 25 women (who have had children) were asked whether they preferred a wider penis or a longer one. The results? 0 out of the 25 said a longer penis. The evidence shows that this could be because of a lack of sensitivity in women after having children. 


At Moorgate Andrology, we provide treatments that can help men feel more confident about their bodies. This can be through penis enlargement procedures or treatments for other medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction. Contact us today on 0330 808 1968 to find out more. 

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