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Answering Questions About Penis Girth Injections

penis girth injections

When can I get back to the gym following penis enlargement injections?  

You can get back into the gym after 48 hours, but under no circumstances should you do any physical activity that will require strain during this time, that means no swimming, football, gym workouts, or anything within that category, as this could cause complications with your penis enlargement injection.

How Soon Can I Have Sex After an Injection?

It is recommended that you do not have sexual activity for a month after having your penis enlargement injection. It did used to be one week, but it has been updated to one month. This is because new data has come out informing you that you should wait 4 weeks at the very least.

How do I massage the penis after girth injections?

When it comes to massaging the penis after a girth injection, you start out by massaging the penis from the base all the way to the top of the shaft. The reason that you are doing this is to try and find out lumps within your fingers, as this should make the area of the shaft smoother and more even. You can do this through using the derma roller. It is a highly beneficial tool because it helps to make the penis shaft a lot smoother, and it will also help to remove some scars or pigmentation that was caused by either the injection or prior to the treatment.

So, that was a few answers to some of the most pressing questions that men have about penis girth injections.

We hope you learnt a lot more about penis girth injections, and what you must do afterwards from this blog. Also, if you are curious about penis girth injections, and you’d wish to talk to us about the possibility of it, get in touch on 0330 808 1968.

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