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A penile implant, sex goes on and on

penile implant

It doesn’t matter if you have an inflatable penile implant or a malleable penile implant, the sex just goes on and on.

Remember the days when after ejaculation you lost that erection double quick? Well with a penile implant things don’t work that way.

With the malleable penile implant you have a permanent erection. It’s just bent up or down as the moment requires. With an inflatable implant you pump that little device in the scrotum and hey presto you have your erection. When the penis is erect, it is going to remain erect until something happens, and we are not talking about ejaculation here.

You have to do something to get that erection down. With the malleable implant, “ down” is the right word because you simply bend it down. With the inflatable implant you need to squeeze on the valve in the scrotum to send the fluid from the chambers in the penis to the reservoir hidden in the lower abdomen. This then sends the penis back to a normal flaccid position.

Let’s suppose that you have a problem with premature ejaculation. With a penile implant this may not matter so much, if at all. This is because, unlike a penis without an implant, your penis will remain erect. This means that so long as you have the energy and desire, you can essentially keep going. This will eventually result in an ejaculation for a second time.

A penile implant can extend lovemaking quite considerably as you can imagine. This can be wonderful for you and a partner, with or without premature ejaculation.

If your partner takes a long time to reach orgasm, then the implant can help sustain sexual activity long enough to keep you both very happy.

Many men report that this is one of the attractive advantages of a penile implant; the fact that you don’t need to worry about losing your erection half way through sex, or not lasting long enough to satisfy your partner.

Even if the first round of sex leaves you needing a “short break” shall we say, unless you have either bent the penis down, or deflated your penile implant, you will still be ready to resume just as soon as your partner is.

So, sex with a penile implant can really be a better experience for you and your partner.

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