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5 Hilarious Presents for couples this Valentine’s Day

valentines day

Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers, it’s too true. Candlelit dinners, walks in the park, boxes of chocolates, heartfelt, thoughtful gifts, even engagements – but some couples don’t roll like that. Some couples keep it real and keep it fun. Everything else is just too much. This is a list for light-hearted couples who just want to laugh.

Emergency Sex Bell

No more beating around the bush. No more awkward phone sentences like, “Ummm, I was hoping we could have some alone time….” This little bell says “Ring for Sex.” Hopefully, for you, it will get your other half to come running.

Dirty Dice

You have got thirty sex chances of scoring with these naughty Valentine’s Day dice. So, go ahead and Gamble on a night of hot romance. No thinking necessary. The black die has a sexy action written on each side, and the white die has a body part.

My Therapy Glass

They tell parents the money they think they are putting away for college is, in reality, for the future therapy their kids are going to need because everyone messes up their kids somehow. But what is a mum to do? Where is her therapy fund? The answer, a bottle of red wine.

Do Not Disturb

Shut up and go away! This sleeping mask tells it like it is. And this Valentine’s Day, you can give her this gift to let her know that you understand exactly what she means when she mumbles and rolls over in bed.

Netflix and Chill?

The Jody Grind, Dancing in the Sheets, Driving Miss Daisy, Hot Yoga – you know what all these have in common I’m sure of that, and now there’s a new one for a new generation, and this little bear says it loud and proud: Netflix and Chill

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