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4 Reasons Why A Penis Pump Isn’t the Right Option

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Do you want to know some of the reasons why a penis pump may not be the correct option for you to utilise? Then make sure you have a look at these 4 reasons.

The first reason that a penis pump is simply not the right option is that you just don’t have the time, this is the most common reason that men are not successful with penis pumps. This is basically when a man starts using a penis pump, they will get 2 months into the process realise that no improvement has been made so far, and then they will stop trying to use it. If you are considering using a penis pump, you have to be prepared to be in it for the long run, and need to use it daily over the course of 12 months to start to see any difference downstairs. This is the main reason why men transition from a penis pump to penis enlargement surgery.

Now, onto reason number 2, and that is that some men are embarrassed or fearful to have a penis pump in the house, after all the last thing any man wants is for another member of their family finding the penis pump particularly if they either A have kids or B, are so embarrassed that the simple thought of their wife finding it in the bedroom makes them fearful of purchasing one.

The third reason is pretty similar to reason number one, and that is that you want quick results, most men want to see that some progress is being made within the first few weeks, so if its two months down the line and no progress has been shown then chances are they will just give up, and either throw it away or put it in a cupboard. This draws people to getting penis enlargement injections, which offer results instantaneously.

Now, on to the final reason that a penis pump might not be for you. That is that you are not realistic with your expectations, so if you are expecting to have an increase of several inches in length within the first few months, then chances are you will be disappointed.

So, if you don’t have either the time or commitment then there are plenty of other options out there for an increase in both your length and girth, just get in touch with Moorgate Andrology today.

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