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3 Penis Myths That Aren’t True

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Big Feet = Big Penis

We have all heard this one before that big feet mean a bigger penis. For a while people genuinely just believed this myth, but we are here to tell you it is simply not true. Here are the facts from a range of tests to determine whether the myth is true or not.
Back in 1993, two Canadian doctors measured the height, foot size and slightly stretched penile length of 63 men. While the length of the penis was linked to both height and foot size, the correlation was relatively weak due to the technology at the time.
So, instead let’s jump forward to 2002, a study from the University College Hospitals in London completely debunked the theory that big feet mean a big penis. As they did a study involving 104 men and find absolutely no correlation between the length of the penis and the size of someone’s feet.

Pills can make your penis bigger

There are a wide variety of advertisements about pills that can enlarge your penis. This isn’t true as there is no scientific evidence that suggests these work. The only thing that can 100% guarantee a change in size is penis enlargement surgery. And while pills do increase blood flow, it does not permanently alter the penis size.

Penis size depends on race

A lot of people still believe this myth. The reality is, though, that there is a general range where most men are and it does not change based on race. It is merely based on genetics and pretty much a bit of luck how big you are in the pants.

So, there was a few myths that people still believe about penis size. This just shows you that just because you are a size 12 shoe, doesn’t mean you are guaranteed the world’s greatest lady pleaser.

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