Penis Too Long

Many men have a penis which they consider is just too long.

In some cases, the length of the penis is in the normal range, in others it is unusually long.

A very long penis may sound like the dream ticket for most men. In a world where penis enlargement surgery has become almost as popular as a guy getting a nose job, it may seem odd that a man can complain about his penis length.

For those who would prefer a penis that is shorter than the norm, a series of assessments is usually carried out before any surgery is undertaken to ensure that other therapies such as counselling may help the patient understand, and hopefully accept, the penis length that he has.

There are cases of course where the penis is much longer than what would be considered within normal range. This can be a major problem in terms of sexual relationships. When the penis is very long it can make penetrative sex very difficult or even impossible. Men become acutely embarrassed in such situations. They many actively avoid sexual relationships because of it, and they can become very lonely and depressed.

One of the main problems associated with a very large penis is that there is very little information available in terms of how to deal with the problem.

Because of this, men don’t really know where to turn for help. Instead, they suffer in silence, and many resign themselves to a future without a fulfilling sex life, and worse without meaningful relationships at all.

There is a solution when the penis is too long. It is possible to make the penis shorter.

In fact, the penis can be shortened to whatever the patient would be happy with. This surgical procedure is performed usually by a Urologist, a specialist in genital surgery. The operation is a so called “penile disassembly” which can make the penis shorter and thinner if required.

One thing to remember is that the results of the surgery are permanent, which is reassuring perhaps if one is certain that this what is needed, but a concern if there is any doubt because the penis can never be returned to its previous size once the procedure is done.

For many men penis reduction surgery is the only way to start a new future, free from the misery and loneliness that a very large penis has caused them.

Across the world there are few hospitals and Urologists that can provide penis reduction surgery and it can be difficult to find out who they are. One such provider is Moorgate Andrology. They have a Urologist called Nenad Djakovic who performs both penis length reduction and penis girth reduction.

A consultation process needs to be done to assess suitability for this procedure with Dr Nenad Djakovic and everything starts with a consultation with him. Indeed, it’s the best place to start when thinking about surgically reducing the penis because the penis is too long. Only then can a decision be made about the best way forward to either live with a very large penis or act and have surgery to make the penis smaller.

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