Penis Too Big For Wife

A penis that is too big for your wife, can be a major problem in a relationship. If your penis is too long or too thick it may cause pain on penetration for you and/or your partner. In worse cases, penetration may be impossible.

So what can you do?

Some men in this position just stop having sex altogether. The sexual aspect of the relationship breaks down altogether. This may not be a problem if both you and your wife are happy with this decision, but what if that’s not the case? It may be the case that sexual intercourse is possible, and without pain, in limited sexual positions. If this is the case then this can often be the compromise.

Where penetrative sex is simply not possible, this is a major worry.

It is possible to make the penis smaller. If the problem is that the penis is too long it can be made shorter. If the problem is that the penis is too thick it can be made thinner. Both a reduction in penis length and girth can also be done.

Penis reduction surgery is not for the fainthearted. This is a surgery that requires a great deal of thought. It is a surgical procedure that cannot be reversed. If the penis is very clearly so big that penetration would ordinarily impossible then it’s perhaps an easier decision. However, those who choose penis reduction surgery as a lifestyle choice need to give the matter even more thought. A change of partners, for example, would maybe change the viewpoint entirely.

However, if you and your wife are struggling to enjoy a satisfying sex life because the penis is just too big then surgery may well be a serious consideration.

If the penis is huge then it could be reduced to a size that both you and your wife are happy with. Maybe it is still a large penis after the surgery but one that allows normal penetrative sex.

Most Urologists who perform penis reduction surgery (there are not too many of those in the world) will insist on some form of counseling with an appropriate specialist before any surgery can take place. You must be sure that you have considered all the facts, and all the potential outcomes of the surgery including the potential risks and complications.

If after that you and your wife consider that a penis reduction surgery is an answer then the surgery could proceed.

If you are worried about your penis size then you could make an appointment to see your GP and discuss it with him/her. The other option would be to make an appointment with a qualified Urologist to make initial inquiries into a penis reduction.

Want to learn more?

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