Husband’s Penis Is Too Big

If your husband’s penis is too big, this can be causing enormous pressure on the relationship. An overly large penis can cause pain during sexual intercourse and many women report that they have problems with their partner’s penis size.

For many, it’s just that the penis is on the large side, but penetration is possible only in certain sexual positions. In some sexual positions, it is very painful or even impossible. In some cases, penetration is impossible due to either the length of the penis, the girth of the penis, or both.

If your husband’s penis is only a problem in certain sexual positions then perhaps other sexual positions could be sacrificed for the sake of a happy and hopefully still fulfilling sexual relationship for you both. If on the other hand, the penis is just too big for penetration then this is an entirely different matter

It is possible to reduce the size of the penis. It can actually be reduced in both length and girth, and to the size that the man (and his partner) wants. It should be remembered though that there is no going back from this surgery. When the penis has been reduced in size it cannot be returned to its previous size in the future.

This needs serious thought and much discussion between the two of you. If your husband’s penis is just too big full stop, then it may well be a serious consideration.

There are lots of things to consider for you both in terms of penis reduction surgery. Firstly, all surgery carries risk and your husband would need to be assessed to make sure he was fit and well enough for surgery. In most cases, there would also be a psychological assessment needed to ensure that these aspects have been fully considered before proceeding with surgery.

For example, if your husband had a penis reduction surgery, then it may be possible to have penetrative sex, but how would he feel with a smaller penis?

Would it affect the way he feels about himself? At Moorgate Andrology we see lots of men who are looking to reduce their penis size because their partner cannot enjoy penetrative sex due to penis size.

A consultation with a Urologist is always the best place to start in order to get all the facts so that you can discuss the matter together armed with all the pros and cons of the procedure.

Only then can you both seriously consider if this surgery would be the right thing to do for the relationship.

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