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Penis Enlargement Injections (collagen-stimulating) – Post Treatment Advice


Collagen-stimulating filler

You may notice some bruising and/or swelling after your treatment. This is as a result of the injections themselves and this should settle within the first 24 hours. In some cases it can take around one week or so for bruising and swelling to subside. You may also notice some redness at the injection sites and you may have some mild discomfort, itching or tenderness.

  • It is important to keep the area clean. However, avoid hot baths or hot showers for the first 24 hours.
  • Do not participate in strenuous exercise for three days after your treatment.
  • Do not expose the area to strong sunlight or UV sunlight.
  • Avoid Alcohol until you have completed your course of anti biotics.
  • Do not have sexual intercourse or masturbate for four weeks after treatment. Having sex too early can compromise the result by causing migration ( movement) of the injected material.
  • Do not use penis pumps or extenders or any other penis enlargement methods for four weeks.
  • Massage the area as instructed to do so by the Doctor.
  • Please take the full course of antibiotics as prescribed for you.

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    You can download the informed consent document here.

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    If you experience any adverse reaction, or if you have any questions regarding your treatment in the coming days, please give us a call on 0330 808 1968.
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