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Premature Ejaculation: FAQs

Premature ejaculation

Cumming or ejaculating too soon happens to almost everyone at some point. There are plenty of things you can do to overcome premature ejaculation.

What is it?

Premature ejaculation is ejaculation which occurs more quickly than a man and his partner would wish, causing problems in a sexual relationship. The usual problem is that a man will cum during penetration itself or very soon afterwards.

What causes it?

It’s very rarely caused by a physical problem. The most common causes include stress, anxiety about sex (perhaps because of a fear of pregnancy, a sexually transmitted infection or failure to perform adequately), relationship difficulties and the lasting effects of teenage sexual experiences which had to be quick to avoid detection.

What’s the risk?

It’s a very common – in fact, it’s the most common sexual dysfunction affecting men. About one in three men of all ages suffers from premature ejaculation.

How Can I Prevent It?

There’s not much you can do to prevent it but it may be helpful to find ways of coping with stress and resolving difficulties with your partner.

Should I See a Doctor?

You should see your GP if the problem is persistent and causing you anxiety or affecting your relationship. The GP may be able to advise you about self-help measures or refer you to a specialist clinic or a qualified sex therapist.

How Can I Help Myself?

You could try these short term remedies (although they won’t necessarily tackle the underlying problem):

  • Increase the frequency of ejaculations, perhaps by masturbation. This could have the effect of delaying subsequent ejaculations.
  • Wear a condom, or use an anaesthetic spray (see above), to reduce the sensitivity of your penis.
  • Don’t focus on penetration during sex. You may be able to ease the pressure on yourself if you don’t attempt penetration until your partner has already had an orgasm.
  • Talk to your partner about your problem. This may help relieve some of the pressure you feel under to perform well during sex.

If you’re interested in having premature ejaculation treatment, then contact us today to book a consultation!

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