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Why should I get VolXtra injections?


VolXtra is the newest type of Hyaluronic acid injection and guess what, we offer it here at Moorgate! It’s a great choice if you are looking for a non-surgical way to improve your penis girth. VolXtra has lots of advantages so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose them over any other penis filler. 


Unlike permanent penis enlargement options, VolXtra doesn’t require surgery. The injections are good if you’re unsure of whether you like the way your penis looks now it’s thicker, or you want to start off with a small amount of filler to get used to it.



The injections last around a year longer than the original hyaluronic acid injection VolumeX. Whilst, the girth doesn’t last forever, it does last a long time and requires fewer top-ups.



Over the course of 3-4 years, if you decide to go for VolXtra top-ups, you will save money. The VolumeX injections require more frequent top-ups, so if you’re on a budget VolXtra maybe for you.



All hyaluronic acid fillers are completely reversible and to do this only requires a simple injection. This injection contains an enzyme called Hyalase, which breaks down the hyaluronic acid. It works immediately and fixes any lumps, or bumps that may have formed in the penis.

Are permanent options available?

If you want to enlarge your penis permanently, then there are options available. Penis girth surgery uses your own body fat, harvested via liposuction and transferred to the penis. If you’re after both girth and length enlargement, then Penoplasty might be for you. Girth is gained through fat transfer, and the length is increased when the Urologist cuts your suspensory ligament. This can increase the length of the penis by up to 2.5 inches.


Interested in the VolXtra injections? Give us a call on 0330 808 1968 and book a consultation!

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