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Why a Moorgate Penis Enlargement is the Best

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When it comes to a Moorgate penis enlargement operation there are two things we consider as our highest priorities; your satisfaction and a high quality of care. Here at Moorgate our penis enlargement surgery and penis enhancement procedures are world class.


Recovery times vary dependant on your procedure, but we recommend that you should expect to book at least two weeks off for recovery after having penis surgery and at least a week after you receive any of our options. Another reason why our operations are the best choice for you is the fact we have both surgical and non-surgical procedures available performed by our world-class surgeons and doctors. So, whether its a penis enlargement injection, a penile implant or a penis girth enhancement surgery, we believe that we are in fact the best choice for you.


Furthermore, it is safe to say that there are very few penis enlargement surgery providers, and even fewer still that use all the right products for it in the United Kingdom. The other factor here is that not many men want to share their experience of having the surgery, almost all tell only those that have to know or absolutely nobody at all. These two factors combined almost keep penis enlargement surgery a little taboo.


We understand this, so as you go through your surgical journey we will ensure that integrity and trust are met throughout. We know at Moorgate that this surgery is a big step for you to take and will aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure, this is another reason why a Moorgate penis enlargement is the right decision for you.


All matters between you and us are confidential. If the surgeon needs to discuss aspects of your case with any other medical professionals such as your GP or Specialists, they will always seek your permission first. Most men don’t tell anyone that they are having surgery and we are happy to respect your wishes wherever we can.

If you’re interested in having penis enlargement surgery, or any of our other procedures, then contact us to book a consultation!

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