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How Erectile Dysfunction Rings Work

erectile dysfunction rings

How does an erectile dysfunction ring work? An erectile dysfunction ring helps a man maintain an erection during intercourse. Worn at the base of the penis, the ring works by constricting the blood flow out of the penis. This keeps the blood in the penis and therefore maintains an erection.

A ring can be used by itself, for a male who is able to achieve an erection briefly, or in conjunction with a penis pump, if the man is unable to achieve an erection. Use of the ring in conjunction with the penis pump may be useful during the recovery period after prostate surgery.

What is an Erectile Dysfunction Ring?

An erectile dysfunction ring is made from a flexible and stretchy material such as rubber, silicon, plastic, or other material. Some brands come with handles to make it easier to put on and take off, or have a quick release function for even easier removal.

Some are adjustable, while others come in different sizes. Certain kinds come with accessories for vibration, which can be pleasurable for the wearer and/or their partner. The erectile dysfunction ring is placed at the base of an erect penis to keep the blood from draining out of the penis. A personal lubricant can help with removal.

Is an Erectile Dysfunction Ring Safe?

Erectile dysfunction rings are considered safe for most men but must be used with caution. The ring should be placed only on an erect penis. It should not stay on longer than 30 minutes. Remove the ring right away if you experience pain, numbness, or cold sensation in the area. If you have sickle cell disease, heart disease, or take blood thinning medication you should check with your doctor before using an erection ring.

Do not use the ring if you are drinking or taking recreational drugs. Never fall asleep while wearing one or damage to the penis can occur due to lack of oxygenated blood.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then get in touch with us at Moorgate Andrology and book a consultation.

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