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How To Deal With Incontinence


What is incontinence?

This term is used to define the condition when an individual cannot control leakage of urine. This problem occurs when the muscle that controls urine flow from the bladder itself becomes damaged. When this muscle is damaged it cannot close off the urethra, therefore the urine leaks through.


What are the causes of incontinence in men?

There are a number of reasons a man can become incontinent, for example radical prostatectomy or radiotherapy. Other diseases such as diabetes, stroke or Parkinson’s disease can also trigger the condition. Of course trauma to the pelvic region can also cause damage sufficient to cause incontinence. Other factors include coughing, sneezing or exertion.


What is available to help with male incontinence?

There are a number of initiatives that you can take to help overcome male incontinence. From the chemist or supermarket you can buy absorbent pads specially designed for men. External clamps can also be supplied including penile catheters. There are surgical procedures, that are available at Moorgate Andrology, which can also help with male incontinence; these include a urinary control system which is hidden inside the body.


How does the urinary control system work?

This is a device whereby a pump is implanted into the scrotum. An inflatable cuff is placed around the urethra. A balloon reservoir is implanted into the lower abdomen. The cuff keeps the urethra closed and prevents leakage of urine from the bladder. When you wish to urinate simply squeeze the pump in the scrotum. This deflates the cuff and allows the flow of urine as normal. When you have finished simply inflate the cuff again to stop the leakage of urine.

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