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I’ve been with Moorgate for my third treatment…

I’ve been on with Moorgate for my third treatment now and its taken a while to get exactly what I wanted.

I have to admit I was a bit over ambitious but my wife says I should stick with what I’ve got now – I’m above average but my point is I didn’t want to be average and I suppose I should be more concerned with what she gets out of it. She’s well happy.

The main reason for posting was to let other guys out there know that it is really pretty painless and in and out in a day, if girls can have boobs done then why not us guys, mind you I’m not exactly getting it out to show everyone LOL:)

I’m 40 and my wife has had 3 kids, that was the motivation for us to make our love life better, I just go back ever so often and get a top up of injections… I even got it on tick so I’m paying monthly, wife jokes that I’ve got a ‘bigger dicky on ticky’ and she’s even been bragging to her friends (one of them wanted to see it but the wife wouldn’t let me show her, wonder why that is!)

As I say, all I wanted to do was really provide confidence to other guys in my situation and say thanks to David and the team at Moorgate for the support and it could not have been easier once I got over the initial shyness of course. Recommended to anyone.


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