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How to make your penis look bigger

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Here we have a couple of ways in which you can make your penis look bigger with very little effort. We also have a very clear warning of what not to do if you don’t want to wake up one day and think your penis size has suddenly got shorter.

So let’s start with the things you can do to make your penis look bigger.

The first one is pretty simple to be honest. All you are going to need for this task is a pair of scissors and a steady hand (warning, only to this when you are completely sober).

If you have lots of pubic hair growing widely and out of control, look closely you will see that some of the stuff may be covering the base of your penis. Now, we are not saying that you have to shave the whole lot off, but at least trim it down. Then take a look in the mirror and we guarantee that your package will be looking more impressive and your penis size will look like it has increased.

If you are not particularly well endowed then frankly this is a must.

If you are feeling really brave then shave off the lot. Many women prefer men completely shaven down there, why not ask your partner what she thinks? You might get a surprise! If you are going to shave off the lot, then please be careful with the razor. Whatever you do don’t try and shave it “dry”. Use plenty of warm water and shaving soap before you dare to pick up the blade.

Now you can actually see your penis through the undergrowth, take a look at what is known as your pubic fat pad. This is the lump of fat below your belly but above the genitals. You will know what we mean if you have it. This pubic fat pad overhangs your underwear and is usually there if you are overweight. If you can reduce your pubic fat pad then again you will see more of the genitals and your penis won’t look buried in this overhand of fat. Therefore the appearance of your penis size will look more appealing.

If you can do the trimming and reduce the fat pad you will be amazed at the difference.

Lastly, our word of warning. We see lots of guys in Moorgate who have had circumcisions. These have been done usually as adults for one reason or another. Maybe the foreskin was tight, maybe the partner didn’t like the penis with a foreskin, maybe they just thought it might be more hygienic. Whatever the reason the result is the same, a shorter looking penis size. The penis looks shorter because it is no longer covered with foreskin. More of the head is visible and less of the shaft. It can come as quite a shock.

If the surgery was done because the foreskin was too tight, then maybe it’s just something that has to be lived with, unless they have penis enlargement surgery, but if  you are thinking of having a circumcision because you think it might be a good idea, be sure to discuss this at length with the Surgeon, ideally an andrologist first.

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