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Penis enlargement pills. Don’t you think if they worked chemists or drug companies would be selling them?

penis enlargement pills, drug companies and chemists

Isn’t it incredible that you don’t see any penis enlargement pills in your local chemist?

We are not saying that Boots would probably want to sell penis enlargement pills, we have no idea, but the mere fact that they are not rings alarm bells.

I mean, if there really was a pill that you could take that would enlarge your penis, wouldn’t the major chemist chains want to get in on it?

Take erectile dysfunction medication for example, you can now buy that over the counter at your local pharmacy. You know that these are tried and tested drugs the large pharmacies are not going to sell without some medical evidence and record of safety.

Erectile dysfunction is a multi million pound industry and unfortunately also prone to the selling of unregulated and unlicensed medications online. The fall back position here of course are proven and safe medications that are in many cases readily available from the GP.   The difference with penis enlargement is that the GP has nothing to offer in terms of medically proven procedures within the framework of the NHS.

This leads to men returning to the internet in pursuit of some magic pill or cream.

The only medically proven way of enlarging the penis is penis enlargement surgery, penile enlargement injections or a penile traction device. None of these are available in the local Boots of course (as far as we know) but they are available in established British clinics with qualified Doctors and Surgeons in Andrology.

Still, the temptation of trying a bottle of pills for a tenner can be too much to bear for some. Sadly, it’s after doing this that guys end up at the pharmacy to sort out all sorts of problems from stomach upsets to reactions with other pills that they may be taking. If you go to your pharmacy to buy a pill for the first time there is every chance that the Pharmacist is going to ask you about your general health and any existing medications you may be taking.  You cannot do that when you buy a penis enlargement pill online.

There is no doubt that there are drug companies out there that may well be developing the next miracle cure for a small penis. Maybe there are some who have been trying for years. They know that to get such a product to the market place and onto the major Pharmacy chain shelves they will need to prove that not only does their product have to work, but it also has to be safe.

When that day comes the product will fly off the pharmacy shelves, no doubt about that.

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