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Mental health and penis size

At Moorgate we occasionally see patients who have various mental health issues and their penis size is a major concern to them.

In many cases the penis size is well within average, sometimes actually above average. However, the patient still feels that their penis is small and they are looking for a surgical solution.

In cases such as this, surgery might not be the best course of action.  At any consultation the Andrologist must ensure that the patient is having surgery for the right reasons and that their expectations and motivations to have surgery are sound.

If there is an underlying mental health condition then the Andrologist is likely to refer the patient to his GP for further evaluation.

Of course, patients with mental health issues such as depression or anxiety are not routinely excluded from having surgery. However, it often takes the co-operation and input from various health professionals to come to a conclusion.

Of course, when any patient is considering penis enlargement surgery, they want to know that they have the best chance of a positive outcome. All surgery carries some degree of risk and that includes penis enlargement surgery. Although the risks are small, the surgeon will need to be reassured that the patient will be able to cope with any post-operative complications should they arise.

Some patients with mental health conditions may find that their symptoms may worsen after surgery if they have a complication that they find hard to deal with.

In any event after any type of surgery there is usually some pain or discomfort, bruising and swelling. This is usually only temporary of course, but patients may not feel at their best during the initial recovery.  Even a normal recovery can make you feel a bit down for a few days.

Patients with mental health conditions should always be welcomed regarding any aspect of cosmetic surgery of course. With proper care and support there is no reason why the experience cannot be a life enhancing one as it is for many thousands of other people who undertake cosmetic surgery every year.

If the cause of the mental health condition is the size of the penis then every support should be given to the patient to try and improve their penis size and give them back the self confidence that everyone deserves.



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